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Even Big Labor Can’t Distort Puzder’s Sterling Business Record

Sen. Patty Murray (D-WA) is joining with her liberal allies, AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka and ROC Founder Saru Jayaraman to smear the record of Labor Secretary nominee Andy Puzder. Their attacks are hollow and the only reason they are going after him is because the Labor Dept. under Puzder will champion workers and the private sector, instead of big labor bosses and out-of-touch left-wing policies.

Unlike the experience of Sen. Murray, Mr. Trumka and Ms. Jayaraman, Puzder has had the unique experience of leading a model organization that employs thousands of workers in the United States, and he understands how government policies can hamper the private sector.

According to The Wall Street Journal, CKE has 75,000 employees spread across 44 states and as the manager of this large U.S. contingent, Puzder has learned firsthand what does and does not work for employees and their families. With the appointment of Puzder, employers and employees alike will finally have someone that puts their best interest first, instead of big labor organizations that solely care about bolstering their membership rolls and filling their coffers.

The big government liberals that intend to smear Puzder’s sterling record on today’s call all want to preserve and extend the destructive policies of the Obama administration that have stifled economic growth and made hiring more difficult. The message after this election was very clear; voters want the new administration to empower the private sector to grow and expand, not make it so that the cost of doing business makes it impossible to operate.


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