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EPA Protects Taxpayers By Ending Gov’t-Funded Gym Memberships

In news first reported by The Washington Free Beacon, The Environmental Protection agency officially announced that they are ending the program that gives government-funded gym memberships to agency employees.

According to The Free Beacon, this program cost nearly $1 million dollars and came to light after EPA employees were found to have billed taxpayers roughly $15,000 for the memberships in April.    

This is exactly the kind of government-waste that may have been acceptable under President Obama and Administrator Gina McCarthy, but will not fly under President Trump and Administrator Scott Pruitt.

Now, instead of funding gym-memberships for government employees, Americans will see their tax-dollars go to carrying out the EPA’s mission of protecting the environment and creating new jobs.

Scott Pruitt deserves praise for leading on this issue and standing up for the American taxpayer.

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