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EPA Policy Chief Calls White House “D#$%heads” For Not Going After Fracking

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has desperately turned to immature name calling after their continuous attempts to destroy one of the most prosperous and innovative industries of the past decade.

The advanced oil and gas production technology known as hydraulic fracturing or “fracking” been used for decades to dramatically enhance production, providing a crucial economic boostto local economies across Texas and the rest of the country. Overall, the oil and gas industry has contributed more than $300 billion in economic activity and almost 2 million jobs to Texas according to Energy From Shale.

The EPA’s resolve to kill jobs by destroying fracking stems from the revolving door between the EPA and top lobbyists from radical environmental groups, such as the Sierra Club. The most recent example of this unacceptably close relationship between the EPA and the Sierra Club was revealed in private text exchange between the EPA policy chief and a top lobbyist for the Sierra Club.

Tensions between the environmentalists and the White House were exposed as the EPA policy chief referred to people at the White House as, “D#$%heads,” for not going after fracking:

 Michael Goo, then the EPA’s policy chief, complained to a Sierra Club lobbyist that the White House Office of Management and Budget was resisting efforts to regulate hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking.”

 “If you want any hope of regulation of fracking then give us more time to try and remove the gun from our head and talk sense into OMB dickheads,” Goo wrote to John Coequyt, the Sierra Club’s top climate policy official and one of its team of D.C. lobbyists.

 While the EPA will attempt to relentlessly attack and destroy the successful industry of fracking, energy companies will use fracking to continually innovative, discover, and utilize the natural resources for the economic gain of their companies and local communities. Fracking will continue to be a crucial element for American economic and national security.

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