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Environmentalist Left Plots Ways Influence Potential Clinton Administration

The growing internal divisions in the Democratic Party took a new step today following a Washington Post report that said liberal advocacy groups were intensifying their efforts to influence a potential Hillary Clinton administration.  These progressive groups are “preparing blacklists” of potential Clinton appointees, and even conducting opposition research against them in an effort to make sure their extreme agenda is promoted after the November elections.

According to the Washington Post:

“Planning for a Democratic victory on Nov. 8, these interest groups and like-minded lawmakers are laying the groundwork to push Clinton, if she is elected, to prove her progressive bona fides through early legislation and personnel appointments

 …Activists hope these efforts will provide the left with leverage if Clinton wins. But they foresee a very short honeymoon period next year should she start nominating unacceptable candidates to positions such as treasury secretary.”

Progressives have clearly taken a page from the Environmentalist Left’s playbook in order to gain influence in a potential Clinton administration. In the past, out-of-touch environmentalists have done this sort of work and lashed out against a number of Clinton surrogates in an effort to push their flawed agendas.

The best example of this was when Environmentalist Left’s reacted to rumors that Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper was being considered for a Clinton administration post. Organizations such as Greenpeace and 350 Action railed against  this possibility, storming his book signing, protesting him at the DNC, and bashing the prospect of him being appointed in their media space. They reacted this way simply because Hickenlooper embraced reality and turned his back on the naïve idea of a fracking ban in Colorado.

The leaders of these organizations have also worked to target Clinton surrogates and have made it clear that they would not accept moderate individuals in the next administration.

Greenpeace Executive Director Annie Leonard lashed out at current Interior Secretary Sally Jewell for calling the extreme “keep it in the ground” agenda naïve, while Bill McKibben targeted Clinton surrogate Carol Browner at the Democratic Platform drafting committee after the the drafting committee rejected the majority of McKibben’s proposed amendments. McKibben accused Browner, the Clinton camp, and Clinton herself of “obstructing change”.

It would appear that progressives and extreme environmentalists like McKibben have a common goal in putting as many far left politicians in power as possible:

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