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Ellison’s Attacks On Pruitt Don’t Reflect What The Rest Of MN Is Saying…

A recent visit to Minnesota proved to be very productive for EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt. He was complimented by the state’s Democratic governor and the left-leaning Minneapolis Star-Tribune editorial board commended him for taking the lead on the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative.

Unfortunately, Minnesota Congressman Keith Ellison seems out-of-step w/ where his state lines up, ignoring these positive strides & launching partisan attacks instead. NTK Network has more info below:
NTK Network: Here Is Why Keith Ellison’s Community Forum To Save The EPA Is Pointless
Democratic National Committee vice chair Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN) is holding a community forum to save the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in Minnesota on Tuesday. It’s a curious move, given that the EPA has received bipartisan praise for its work in Minnesota under the leadership of Administrator Scott Pruitt.

“Come and join Congressman Ellison along with environmental advocates, scientists, and musicians to learn about Trump’s plan for the EPA and how we’re fighting back in Congress,” is how Ellison’s Tuesday night forum is billed.

Ellison’s attacks on the EPA, and specifically its work in Minnesota, are strange given that Pruitt has received praise in the state of Minnesota for his support of the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative. Additionally, Minnesota’s Democratic Governor Mark Dayton has praised Pruitt for working to eliminate the federal government’s red tape.

“Gov. Mark Dayton described a meeting Wednesday with EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt as ‘productive and cordial’ and said he’s hopeful the Trump administration will eliminate some of the federal government red tape dealt to state agencies,” Minnesota Public Radio wrote in July.

During a visit to Minnesota in July, Pruitt “affirmed his support for federal funding of the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative.”

According to The Star Tribune, the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative “provides landmark protections for Lakes Huron, Erie, Michigan, Ontario and, most treasured by Minnesotans, Superior.”

The Star Tribune’s editorial board, which is a traditionally liberal-leaning paper, praised Pruitt for his support for the Great Lakes restoration project.

“Last month, Governor Dayton praised EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt for working to eliminate federal bureaucracy to state agencies, and The Star Tribune applauded Pruitt’s efforts to protect the Great Lakes. Administrator Pruitt is committed to protecting Minnesota’s environment and provide Americans with regulatory certainty,” an EPA spokesman said in a statement.

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