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Edwards’ Backed Bill Fails, Louisiana Students Win

Today, the State Senate Education Committee voted down another portion of Governor John Bel Edwards’ liberal agenda by putting a stop to SB13, Edwards’ attempt to restrict the number of students eligible for the Student Scholarships for Educational Excellence Program.

Today’s vote on SB13 is just the latest failure for Governor Edwards’ liberal agenda, and a win for Louisiana students. This anti-school choice legislation was a key piece of Governor Edwards’ 2017 legislative agenda.

Here are the quick facts on why Governor Edwards has been bad for Louisiana students and families:

Broken Promises: Despite promising as a candidate not to take away school vouchers for students who receive them now, Edwards proposed slashing $6 million from voucher funding in 2016.

Children Hurt: Edwards signed legislation that cut scholarships for up to 500 Louisiana students.

Restricting School Choice: Edwards wanted to limit vouchers to students attending “D” and “F” rated schools, restricting choice for students attending “C” rated schools.

In 2008, Edwards voted against establishing the Student Scholarships for Educational Excellence Progam.

Teacher Union-Backed: Teacher Unions, opposed to school vouchers, poured “substantial contributions” into Edwards’ 2015 campaign.

With Edwards’ failure today, Louisiana students will succeed.

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