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Donnelly Puts Big Labor Ahead Of Hoosiers

Senator Joe Donnelly’s decision to oppose a highly qualified pick for Labor Secretary like Alex Acosta should come as no surprise given the amount of money Donnelly has taken from this big labor groups.

Donnelly has raked in more than $1.3 million from unions over the course of his career, and it is evident today that these contributions can buy the opposition to President Trump’s pick to run the Department of Labor. This comes despite the fact that other Democrats are supporting Acosta’s nomination because they know that he will be an advocate for workers and can reform the out-of-control Department.

This decision by Senator Donnelly shows he is willing to side with big labor and the liberals in his party like Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, and Chuck Schumer, instead of Indiana voters who elected President Trump by more than 19 percentage points.


photo: The Republic

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