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DNC Wrap-Up: Party Cozies Up To Democratic Socialism

After four days of the Democratic National Convention, Hillary Clinton and the other liberals at the Convention solidified the Democratic Party’s radical shift to the left, becoming the “Democratic Socialist” party imagined by avowed Socialist Bernie Sanders. Clinton closed the out the DNC last night with a speech that laid out a “remarkably liberal agenda” as referred to by left-leaning Vox. 

The liberalism of Clinton speech was examined and approved by the liberal media last night. The New Yorker said:

Clinton advertised her policy proposals, which, over the course of the campaign, have taken on a more populist and progressive slant, and in some cases, have been borrowed from the Sanders campaign.

In short, Clinton delivered a populist message, laying out a progressive policy agenda that reflects the fact that the Democratic Party has shifted significantly to the left over the past eight years.

Last night, Clinton delivered a long speech embracing the liberal extremism advocated by Sanders. NBC’s Chuck Todd said, “I think it was a speech Bernie Sanders could have given:”

Clinton has fully embraced the democratic socialism of Bernie Sanders by pointing to the radical and unrealistic liberal agenda set forth in the Democratic Party Platform, including a $15 minimum wage, free tuition, a new Glass-Stegall Act, and skepticism toward free trade. When speaking about the platform, Clinton said, “We wrote it together – now let’s go out and make it happen together.”

While Clinton was delivering her primetime speech, Sanders’ loyalists were going increasing frustrated with an untrustworthy Hillary Clinton. Protesters loyal to Sanders staged walk outs at the convention, jumping fences, and burned American flags:

The extreme liberalism embraced by Clinton and the Democratic Party didn’t do much to appease the Sanders’ loyalists, who will continue to push the Democratic Party radically closer to socialism.

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