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New AR2 Digital Ad: DESTINY

With Education Secretary nominee Betsy DeVos’ Senate HELP Committee vote set to take place this Tuesday, America Rising Squared (AR2) is launching a digital ad targeting Senate Democrats for putting the interests of their Big Labor allies ahead of the needs of America’s students by trying to stop Ms. DeVos’ nomination.

Destiny” is a 30-second digital ad and will be promoted on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram nationally and also in five targeted states: West Virginia, North Dakota, Montana, Indiana and Missouri. The ad urges viewers to call their Senators and ask them to support Betsy DeVos’ confirmation.


Americans sent a clear message this November:

We want to fix what is broken in Washington

But Senate Democrats are taking orders from their Big Union allies

Playing politics as usual

Blocking the President’s nominations

Like Betsy DeVos

She knows what it takes to repair our failing schools ….

So that every American child has a chance to achieve their destiny

Call your Senator, and tell them: Confirm Betsy DeVos

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