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Dem Disunity: Biden Pushes Back Against Schumer SCOTUS Filibuster Threat

As Chuck Schumer tries to plant his feet in the ground in rejecting President-elect Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, he’s facing opposition from an unlikely source: Vice-President Joe Biden

Biden said last night that whoever the President-elect nominates deserves a hearing and a vote:


This flies in the face of comments from Schumer earlier this week, when he said that he, “absolutely,” wanted to keep the Supreme Court seat vacant for as long as possible.

On top of that, Schumer said in a BuzzFeed News interview last night that he wouldn’t consider a nominee with the same mindset as Antonin Scalia. Clearly this is more political posturing from the minority leader because in 2005, he said that, “a good Supreme Court would have one Scalia and one Brennan but not five of either.”

Senate Republicans were wise to listen to Joe Biden when he declared in 1992 that no Supreme Court vacancy should be filled immediately prior to a presidential election. Sen. Schumer would be wise to listen to him now and not stand in the way of President-elect Trump’s nominee getting a hearing and a vote.

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