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DC Councilmember Enjoys Starbucks…Before Considering Legislation To Hurt Starbucks

As The D.C. City Council gets set to markup legislation that would be detrimental to retailers and restaurants across the district, it’s clear Councilmember Vincent Orange doesn’t understand the ramifications of his legislation.

Just as the hearing began, Orange was seen with a cup of Starbucks coffee — enjoying the product of a business that his so called “fair scheduling” bill will make big trouble for. Studies have shown that Councilmember Orange’s legislation would result in job losses and give employees at businesses like Starbucks fewer economic opportunities.


Indeed, by reaching into and dictating the internal operations of DC businesses, Councilmember Orange’s legislation “impacts the very core” of the free enterprise system:

“Any time you alter how employers hire, schedule or retain their workforce, if that flexibility makes DC less attractive to businesses, than I’m concerned about that,” said Harry Wingo, president of the D.C. Chamber of Commerce. “The D.C. chamber is concerned about any restrictions on free enterprise.”

It’s perhaps more concerning to employers than even raising the minimum wage: That’s just extra cost. Scheduling, by contrast, impacts the very core of how they’ve learned to do business.

Previously, AR2 called on Orange to stop pursuing his extreme agenda now that he lost his re-election bid and is now serving as a lame duck. So now not only does Orange lack respect the voice of the voters – he clearly doesn’t even understand that his legislation will impact his ability to enjoy the cup of Starbucks sitting right in front of him.

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