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Constitution Amendment 2 Would Restrict Missourians Freedom Of Speech

On the ballot in Missouri this year is Amendment 2 to the Missouri Constitution, which would greatly restrict Missourians 1st Amendment right to voice and express their political views by placing various limits on campaign finance.

According to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, the proposed Constitution Amendment 2 would include:

  • Cap contributions from individuals and entities to candidates at $2,600 per election ($5,200 total, including primary and general).
  • Prohibit corporations and labor unions from giving directly to any candidate, political action committee or political party; They can form their own PACs.
  • Prohibit donations from out-of-state PACs to candidates and ballot measure committees.
  • Prohibit PACs from receiving money from committees, except for House and Senate party leadership committees and federal PACs.

As the all-important election approaches in one week, Missourians should be aware of the restrictions Amendment 2 would place on their right to political expression.

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