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Conservatives Highlight Gorsuch’s First Year On The Supreme Court

In a new op-ed, Ken Blackwell praised Neil Gorsuch’s first year on the Supreme Court. The former Ohio Secretary of State emphasized the importance of Gorsuch’s first year to defending the Constitution:

“Gorsuch’s track record from his first year on the bench shows Trump—and the American people—chose well. Since his confirmation, Gorsuch has consistently argued in defense of Americans’ constitutional rights.”

He went to cite specific examples in which Gorsuch’s impeccable jurisprudence has already shined on the highest court:

“In oral arguments for NIFLA v. Becerra argument, Gorsuch raised objections to California’s law compelling pro-life pregnancy centers to advertise where their clientele can obtain a free or low-cost abortion, arguing the law could ‘compel’ speech from a private speaker.”

Carrie Severino, a conservative leader in the legal community, similarly touted Gorsuch’s first year, highlighting his intent to make decisions without intent to re-write laws:

“In his first day of oral arguments, the junior justice redirected discussion of a law so complex and poorly drafted that Justice Alito wondered aloud whether it had been written by someone ‘who takes pleasure out of pulling the wings off flies.’  Instead of succumbing to the temptation to “fix” the law by effectively rewriting it, Gorsuch challenged both parties to follow the plain text of the statute.  In his dissenting opinion in the case, he explained that—rather than having the courts ‘tweak’ statutes to make them work more efficiently—‘the business of enacting statutory fixes [is] one that belongs to Congress and not this Court.’”

Alex Harris, a former law clerk of both Gorsuch and Justice Anthony Kennedy, effused a similar analysis of his former boss’ first year, claiming he maintains the same approach he had for over a decade on the bench:

“I cannot reveal confidential information about my clerkships or time at the court. But I can say with conviction that Judge Gorsuch and Justice Gorsuch are one and the same.

“The context (and level of scrutiny) may have changed, but the newest justice is applying the same principles and displaying the same qualities that he has for over a decade on the bench. They have served him well so far, and they will continue to do so.”

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