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Consensus Is In: “Fight For $15” Campaign Is A Big Labor Power Grab With Disastrous Economic Effects

Maybe it was the rain or it could have been the recent news about how a higher minimum wage will force business to use automation but yesterday’s “Fight for $15” protests in Illinois severely underwhelmed. Expecting 8,000 people, less than a fifth of that number showed up to call for a higher minimum wage.

With the recent news that the “Fight for $15” is on the cusp of officially joining the SEIU, proving once and for all that this movement is a political power grab for big labor, it’s no surprise that our cameras caught what are no doubt union paid-for buses shuttling members to the protest site.

Dagen McDowell recognized this truth and powerfully explained yesterday that the “Fight For $15” is not about wages or workers, but simply is a power grab by big labor to fill their coffers. Be sure to check out her comments for the truth on this movement:

Additionally, coverage of yesterday’s protests caused several analysts to highlight how a higher minimum wage has severe economic consequences for low-income workers, saying that it will lead to job loss. This morning, Fox Business Network highlighted how a higher minimum wage is bound to eliminate jobs and increase automation:

CKE Restaurant CEO Andy Puzder also appeared on television and noted that if a higher minimum wage is implemented, his restaurants will not be able to afford to hire new workers and would even have to lay off current staff:

When this commentary is combined with economic common sense, it becomes very clear that a higher minimum wage will hurt the low-income workers it’s designed to help, eliminating much needed jobs and opportunities. If big labor was concerned with these workers, they’d immediately stop their “Fight For $15” push, but they are more interested in picking up political clout which is the sole reason why their campaign continues.

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