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Clinton Trying To Run Away From “The Sanders Manifesto”

Hillary Clinton can try to run and hide from the radical ideas proposed in the Democratic Platform, but her policies proposals confirm her full embrace of the “The Sanders Manifesto,” which declares war on small business and threatens millions jobs across the country.

Last night, in an interview with CBS’s Charlie Rose, Clinton ridiculously claimed that her policies and the policies of her Party had not shifted to the left, even though Socialist Bernie Sanders called the Democratic Platform “the most progressive platform ever.” Clinton’s laughable argument that the Democratic Party is the party of the “center-left” couldn’t be more untrue:

Democrats’ and Clinton’s embrace of Bernie Sanders ideology is not just a radical shift of the Party to the left; it is also a threat to millions of jobs and businesses. Here are just a few of the devastating policy proposals of Clinton and the Democrats:

  •  The call for a new national tax on energy would devastate businesses and families by taking their hard-earned money and redistributing that money to their cronies in the green-energy sector, resulting in a possible 20 million jobs lost.
  •  The call for a federal $15 minimum wage would hurt the workers it’s intended to help by resulting in 6 million jobs losses and increased automation across various industries to cope with unsustainable labor mandates of the left.
  •  The expansion of Obamacare, including a government-run “public option” would only exacerbate the mounting problems and costs caused by Obamacare.
  •  The proposal for free college is seen as unrealistic even by the left-leaning New York Times editorial board.

While Clinton shamefully tries to mask the fact that the Democratic Party was radically shifted to the left by Sanders, her far-left polices speak the truth about where she and the Party stand.

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