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Clinton To Offer No New Ideas For Struggling Michigan Families

Billed as a “major” address, Hillary Clinton’s Detroit remarks this afternoon are sure to disappoint Michigan voters.  Rather than outline policy proposals geared towards helping Michigan families, Clinton will offer nothing new, instead she will use the event to launch attacks at her rival.

CNN reports:

Clinton’s speech will not outline new policy proposals, according to background provided by aides who have reviewed the remarks, but will instead go after Trump directly. The Democratic presidential nominee will question his commitment to the middle class, his refusal to release his tax returns and what she will call his “wildly unrealistic plans.”

Earlier in the week, Clinton’s campaign vowed that today’s event, along with upcoming appearances would “target average voters rather than think-tank types.” Her campaign’s comments are a slap-in-the-face to voters all across the country, suggesting that Clinton would rather spend her time courting the liberal left while ignoring the average voter.

As Hillary Clinton continues to charm the socks off the liberal elite while doubling-down on the Obama economy, the middle-class continues to suffer. More alarming to voters is that Clinton gives Obama an “A” for his handling of an economy that has racked up nearly $9 trillion in debt:

For Michigan families, increasing poverty and lower wages have become a sticking point of the Clinton-Obama economy:

Median income in three out of every four Michigan cities and villages declined in the past five years, according to new data from the U.S. Census Bureau. At the same time, the share of people living in poverty rose in two-thirds of the state’s communities. Statewide, more than one out of every six people are living in poverty, a 17 percent increase from the previous 5-year period. The median household income in Michigan from 2010-2014 was $49,087 per year – up a few hundred bucks from the 2005-2009 period, but when adjusted for inflation it’s down 8.7 percent during that time.

Instead of focusing on her own plan for the economy, Clinton will desperately attempt to deflect attention from her own unrealistic and costly economic plans by painting her rival’s proposals as “wildly unrealistic.” Clinton’s reluctance to speak about her own economic proposals should be viewed as a red flag for voters. Clinton should explain how American taxpayers will pay for the $1.4 trillion in new spending and $1.2 trillion in new taxes included in her economic plan instead of deflecting blame onto her political opponent.

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