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Clinton Outlines Sanders-Inspired Agenda

In an oft-interrupted speech, Hillary Clinton accepted the Democrat nomination for president last night, outlining the most liberal vision for America ever offered by a presidential nominee.

Pundits were in agreement that the policy agenda detailed by Clinton was heavily influenced by the campaign of avowed socialist Bernie Sanders. Instead of moving to the center, Clinton made it clear that her presidency would champion an expansive federal government that seeks to take freedom from individuals.

NBC News’ Chuck Todd even said that Sanders could have delivered the speech, showing just how close Clinton has come to adopting the positions of a proud socialist:

National Journal’s Josh Kraushaar noted that Hillary did pivot during her speech, but closer to the plans that Sanders supported:

Make no mistake: Hillary Clinton reached out in her acceptance speech, but it was towards Bernie Sanders’s socialist-minded policies that captured the imagination of the party’s base this year, particularly its younger voters.

It’s no surprise that Clinton has adopted Sanders policies as her own. Over the course of the Democrat primary, Sanders sway has forced Clinton to move to the left to the point where the platform the Party adopted is a laundry list of socialist policies that declare war on American free enterprise.

Now that Clinton has formally endorsed these policies, she also owns their disastrous effects that would crush our economy and roll back principles that Americans have embraced in generations.

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