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Clinton Darts To The Left On Higher Ed, Embracing Plan She Used To Mock

In yet another move based on political expediency, Hillary Clinton’s new education proposal released today relies heavily on higher taxes and increased spending, and amounts to a “significant nod” to her former rival Bernie Sanders, whose supporters are still increasing skeptical of Clinton’s campaign. 

As details of Clinton’s new far left education plan trickle out, Clinton appears to embrace Sanders’ ideas about free education, which issomething she assailed on the campaign trail, even mocking it during a presidential debate.

“So when somebody tells you something is free, ask for the fine print because what I have proposed can be achievable and create results almost immediately.”

Now Clinton recognizes that she desperately needs Sanders voters to back her campaign, so she is adopting his far from realistic proposals that will just cost taxpayers more money and grow government’s influence over the education system.   

While Clinton completes her move to the left on higher education, still missing is the fine print on how she will fund her plan’s whopping $350 billion price tag. She plans to announce today that her plan will offer a three-month hiatus on federal student loan payments, but that idea comes at a cost of $1 billion to taxpayers.

Clinton claims that she can pay for her plan by raising taxes through a cap on itemized tax deductions. However, The Wall Street Journalpreviously panned Clinton’s solution to pay for these programs and The Brookings Institute highlighted how Clinton’s previous student loan plan didn’t add up.

The Brookings Institute: “Headache For Hillary’s Higher Education Plan”

 Her race to the left on education policy should not be a surprise and is exactly what she has done throughout this campaign on issues like trade and the minimum wage. As she continues to adopt more stridently liberal policies, it is the American people that will pay the price in higher taxes and more federal government intrusion in places like education.

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