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Clinton Camp Admits Sanders Moved Her To The Left

On “Meet The Press” this morning, Chuck Todd played a compilation of clips from Bernie Sanders announcement speech and spliced them together with snippets from Hillary Clinton’s address last week at the DNC. From the video, it’s increasingly clear how Sanders has forced Clinton to march dramatically to the left and support radically liberal policies that are out-of-touch from mainstream ideas.

Take a look at the video:

This comes after Todd highlighted that Sanders actually could have delivered Clinton’s convention speech because it touted so many extreme fringe positions:

What’s clear now is that the Democrat Party is the Bernie Sanders party. While Clinton may be the standard-bearer, the standards that she is bearing are identical to the policies of an avowed socialist. While Clinton needs to do this to make amends to the many Sanders supporters out there that still don’t trust her, it also means that she is embracing an ideology that is hostile to American ingenuity and free enterprise that made our country a global leader.

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