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CK Wrong For MO: Political Opportunist That Bends With The Wind

Since entering politics 22 years ago, Chris Koster has proven that he will say or do anything if it helps him climb the political ladder and Missourians have taken note.

In the past, The St. Louis Post-Dispatch has called him a, “well-known political opportunist,” and even titled an editorial, “Koster The Imposter,” referring to him as a, “pandering political opportunist with a capital O.”

The Kansas City Star has been just as harsh, writing that Koster’s, “towering ambition,” is his, “one constant,” while noting that some of his behavior as Attorney General was, “blatantly opportunistic.”

These serious criticisms are well-deserved. Throughout his lengthy career in office, Koster has made his decisions based on what is best for him politically and not what is best for constituents. This can be seen when looking at his flip-flop on Medicaid, his supposed change of heart on voter ID, and his claim that he wants campaign finance reform, despite taking millions in contributions from special interests.

Missouri needs a Governor with strong convictions that will focus on the best interest of the state, not one that looks out for himself and is focused on taking the next step in his political career. Unfortunately, Chris Koster has proven that he consistently puts himself first which is not the way to clean up Jefferson City.

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