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Koster For Obama, Not MO

One day before Missourians go to the polls to choose their next governor, The Associated Press is reporting this morning on an ad cut by President Obama that endorses Chris Koster and praises Koster’s plans to bring Obama-style politics to Missouri.

The ad has created a firestorm in recent days since it represents the clearest example of Koster wrapping his arms around a left-wing President whose policies have crushed Missouri.

Whether it is ObamaCare that will increase costs and give consumers fewer options, burdensome regulations that have crushed small businesses across Missouri, or foolish policies from the EPA that have made life more difficult for farmers, Obama’s presidency has moved Missouri in the wrong direction.

Chris Koster is openly touting an endorsement from this failed leader and wants to “build on,” all that President Obama has done.

Missourians know better and they know that an Obama-ally like Chris Koster in Jefferson City would try to massively expand government and create even more problems for the state.

Instead of the Obama approach, Missouri needs a conservative approach and that is why Chris Koster should be rejected tomorrow.

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