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Chris Koster: He’s Not On Our Team

As Democrats gather at Arrowhead Stadium tonight, Missouri Rising wants to take this opportunity to bring up how editorial boards from across the state have frequently pointed out that Chris Koster isn’t playing for the home team. As a well-known political opportunist who only cares about advancing his career and achieving his personal goals, Koster isn’t concerned with the best-interest of Missouri, which is why he fits in better on the opposing sideline.


Take a look at what the home town papers have said about Koster. They skewer him much like Chiefs fans would go after the Broncos:

St. Louis Post-Dispatch: “A Pandering, Political Opportunist With A Capital O.”

Kansas City Star: “The One Constant In Koster’s Political Wanderings…Has Been His Towering Ambition.”

St. Louis Post-Dispatch: “Koster The Imposter”

Linn County Leader: “Seems To Place Politics Ahead Of His Responsibilities”

St. Louis Post-Dispatch: “Well Known Opportunist”

With commentary like that and a disastrous record to boot, it’s very clear that Chris Koster is the wrong choice for Missouri. He’s not on our team now and we can’t afford his failed leadership in the Governor’s office.

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