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Chris Koster Decries Negative Campaigning…Unless It Helps Himself

In 2008, Chris Koster claimed that “negative campaigning doesn’t appeal to me,” and said that he tried to run campaigns that his parents would be proud of. He also added that he thought people “were tired of the negative politics of the past.”

So it might come as a shock to Missourians to discover that the same guy that said those things in the past launched a deceiving ad that totally ignored key facts in order to try and smear his opponent.

The ad represents politics at its worst and confirms that Chris Koster apparently can’t stand on his own record, so he has to flip-flop on going negative in campaigns.

Missouri doesn’t deserve a Governor that tells the people of the state one thing, but operates a different way. Unfortunately, that’s how Chris Koster is running his campaign and that’s how he would lead. Missourians need to reject him and keep his shady tactics out of the Governor’s office.

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