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“Buried With Little Notice:” Edwards’ Education Agenda Dies

Governor Jon Bel Edwards’ education agenda is one of the biggest losers of this legislative session. This morning, The Advocate shed light on how “key parts of Gov. John Bel Edwards’ public schools agenda have died with little fanfare.”

“died with little fanfare” … “never gained political traction” … “trounced”

As this year’s legislative session begins to wind down, The Advocate takes an in-depth look at the failures of Governor Edwards’ legislative agenda, particularly his missed goals for public schools. This from The Advocate:

“For the second consecutive year, the key parts of Gov. John Bel Edwards’ public schools agenda have died with little fanfare… A plan to revamp the way public school teachers are evaluated — House Bill 532 — has not gotten a hearing in the House Education Committee with just over two weeks left in the session… The proposal never gained political traction, even from teacher unions and other longtime allies of the governor.”

The Advocate also notes that Edwards’ attempt to restrict the number of students eligible for school vouchers got “trounced” right out of the gates:

“Earlier this month, the other key bill in Edwards’ modest agenda — Senate Bill 13 — was trounced in the Senate Education Committee, even though it was sponsored by Senate Education Committee Chairman Blade Morrish, R-Jennings. That bill, which would have limited access to vouchers, sparked “no” votes from five of the committee’s seven members, and little debate.”

With the central components of Edwards’ legislative agenda failing, Louisiana students and families continue to be this session’s winners.

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