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BREAKING: Hillary Clinton To Try And Push Chris Koster Across Finish Line

Hillary Clinton’s campaign announced today that it would pour $500,000 dollars of its campaign cash into Missouri to help Chris Koster on election day:

This should serve as a reminder to all Missourians that Chris Koster’s priorities are Hillary Clinton’s priorities. While Koster has tried to dodge his connection to her throughout his run for Governor, there can be no doubt that Koster is a supporter of Clinton’s dangerous liberal agenda and would be an ally to her potential Administration.

Missourians don’t need a Hillary Clinton ally as Governor and they don’t need outside money coming in from the Clinton campaign to try and help him.

If Koster wants to truly disassociate with Hillary Clinton and her flawed agenda, he should tell the Clinton campaign to spend their money somewhere else. Anything less than that is an acknowledgement from Koster that he marches in lockstep with Team Clinton and would put her liberal policies before Missouri’s best interest.

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