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Billionaire Continues To Buy Influence In Democratic Party

Yesterday, BuzzFeed News reported that billionaire Tom Steyer is putting even more of his fortune into paid media spots designed to reach millennial voters and have them vote Democrat up-and-down the ballot.

Steyer has already spent nearly $40 million on Democratic causes during the 2016 election, and he was the top individual donor in the entire country during the 2014 cycle. But with Tom Steyer, there is always an ulterior motive. His massive spending forced the Democratic Party to cave to his extreme demands in this year’s platform, and he continues to try and buy influence at every turn.

This all comes as Steyer hypocritically rails against money in politics. He has called for over-turning Citizens United and declared that “you absolutely cannot” buy policy changes through massive donations, despite his own excessive spending on behalf of Democrats and his proven track record of affecting the party’s environmental policy because of his contributions.

As he gets set to pour even more money into his effort to help Democrats, it’s important to remember that Steyer knows he needs to buy influence if he wants any prayer of implementing his out-of-touch agenda. While he may spend endlessly to try and promote his fringe ideas, voters must remember that his policies would eliminate jobs, destroy crucial economic industries in our country, and weaken the American economy.

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