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Bill McKibben’s Tracking Hypocrisy Exposed

Today, the Washington Examiner highlighted co-founder and extreme environmentalist Bill McKibben’s hypocrisy when it comes to monitoring public figures and holding them accountable. Casting himself as a victim, McKibben recently took to the editorial page of The New York Times to complain about activists tracking his public appearances. However, he conveniently omitted the fact that his group employs the same tactics he decries.

Washington Examiner:

Activists from 350 Action, the political wing of, have been “bird dogging” candidates throughout the 2016 election cycle. “Bird dogging” is what the group calls asking candidates surprise policy questions on the rope lines at events and filming the answers to post online later.

Also noted by the Examiner is that McKibben’s group maintains an aggressive tracking network, highlighting their “bird-dogging” success stories while a related environmentalist group maintains a “how-to guide” for confronting candidates.

McKibben’s forgetfulness may have been politically motivated or he may actually think that his group is subject to different rules than everyone else. In an opinion column covered by our Core News project, McKibben wrote that World War III is currently underway and may have even suggested that responsible energy exploration and development is worse than Hitler’s Third Reich. Hopefully McKibben quickly gets back in touch with reality before he alienates his Environmentalist Left allies.

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