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Bill Clinton Tells The Truth On ObamaCare’s “Crazy System” That’s Hurting Americans

Earlier this week at a rally in Flint, MI, Bill Clinton seemed to slip-up and tell the truth about President Obama’s signature achievement – ObamaCare.

BILL CLINTON: “So you’ve got this crazy system where all of a sudden 25 million more people have health care and then the people who are out there busting it, sometimes 60 hours a week, wind up with their premiums double and their coverage cut in half. It’s the craziest thing in the world.”

Clinton isn’t wrong and the law is absolutely crushing the 5 to 7 million people that are working hard just to afford ObamaCare. A recent McKinsey analysis found that those people face bigger price increases than ever before and those paying full price on their own will be especially stung by skyrocketing rates, which are increasing by double-digits all across the country. Some are even being forced to dip into their retirement savings and go deeper in debt.

Bob Byrnes of Blaine, MN:

“I don’t know if I could swallow another 30 or 40 percent without severely cutting into other things I’m trying to do, like retirement savings or reducing debt,” said Bob Byrnes, of Blaine, Minnesota, a Twin Cities suburb. His monthly premium of $524 is already about 50 percent more than he was paying in 2015, and he has a higher deductible.

Michelle Scarolla of Queens, NY:

Michelle Scarola of Queens, a borough of New York City, said she has received notice that her 2017 premiums will be going up in a range of 8 percent to 25 percent. Scarola, who’s in the midst of a career transition from advertising to interior design, isn’t happy that her insurer dropped the hospital network she’s interested in. “For people like me who are in the middle, there is very limited choice, and now that limited choice is going to get more expensive,” she said.

Kirk Smith of Lufkin, TX has just one insurer to choose from on the ObamaCare exchange and he faces a 60 percent premium increase and has been unable to access care in his county.

Moreover, he’s had to drive to a neighboring county for medical care because he couldn’t get an appointment close to home. “I’ve got a problem when you can’t see somebody in the county, and they want an increase?” said Smith, who works for a contractor installing telecommunications equipment.

Americans are working longer and harder today than ever before to afford ObamaCare as increasing deductibles have far outpaced the rise in paychecks. While Bill Clinton campaigns across the country on behalf of his wife, hopefully he will continue to tell the truth about ObamaCare’s “crazy system.”

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