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Big Labor The Real Beneficiaries Of The “Fight for 15”

As union-funded and union-organized protests supporting a $15 minimum wage take place across the country, it is important to remember who a $15 minimum wage would actually benefit.

While increasing the minimum wage would eliminate jobs and cut hours for low-income workers, big labor stands to gain more members so that it can advance its liberal political agenda. Big labor is also using these protests to line their pockets and that can be seen now with the money that Kendall Fells, organizing director of the so-called “Fight for 15” is taking in:


For a 40-hour work week, that calculates to more than $72 an hour for Fells. Certainly can see why he’s involved in this movement. SEIU International President Mary Kay Henry is making even more money, which might explain why her union has poured millions of dollars into this effort, since she stands to benefit financially.


That’s nearly $133 an hour for a 40-hour work week! You have to wonder who the workers would be protesting if they knew how much the organizers are bringing in by pushing their political movement.

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