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Bernie Sanders Contradicted Himself on Holding SCOTUS Nomination Hearings…In The Same Day

4:35PM – June 27, 2018

8:54PM – June 27, 2018

CHRIS HAYES: “And first, let me start with your reaction to the announcement of the retirement of Anthony Kennedy. Do you think Democrats should even consider the nominee or should you pledge to vote no now?”

SEN. BERNIE SANDERS: “Well, I don’t think you vote no before you know who the nominee is. But I suspect the nominee will be just another right-wing disaster. And our job is to mobilize the American people who overwhelmingly, among other things, do not believe that we should overturn Roe v. Wade, who believe that our gay brothers and sisters are entitled to be treated with dignity. And all of those rights and all of the advances that we have made over the years are now increasingly in danger. Because while Kennedy was certainly not a liberal or progressive in any sense of the word, on some issues he was decent and voted to protect human rights.”

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