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Bernie Sanders And His Ideologically Extreme Comrades Coalesce To Move The Democratic Party Even Further Left

Headlined by Democratic Presidential Nominee Bernie Sanders and embraced by Hillary Clinton, the Democratic Party has adopted an unprecedented leftist “ideological extremism.” Uniting behind Sanders, forcing Clinton to wrap her arms around the very same policies,left wing forces within the Democratic Party have come together to push this extreme, unrealistic and dangerous agenda on the American people.

Sanders’ obsession with vilifying the business community and persistence to advance his leftist agenda has riled up Democrats across the country. It is clear that Democrats have chosen “revolution” and radical liberalism over pragmatism, as Stuart Rothenberg wrote:

But instead of Democrats responding by positioning themselves in the political center where they could maximize their appeal, many Democrats are embracing their own version of ideological extremism.

Bernie Sanders’ uncompromising anti-business rhetoric and agenda, combined with the energy of “progressive” forces in the Democratic coalition, reflect a significant turn to the left by a party that once stood for pragmatic change, not “revolution.”

Five years after the failed “Occupy Wall Street” movement, leaders of the movement are looking to their ideological leader and figurehead, Bernie Sanders, for guidance in moving the Democratic Party even further left. CNN reports that the movement’s leaders have coalesced to support Sanders, who “represents a logical extension” of the Occupy Wall Street movement.

Nearly five years since Occupy was evicted from Zuccotti Park, blocks from the New York Stock Exchange in lower Manhattan, a coalition of organizers, labor leaders and progressive activists who lined up under the banner of “the 99 percent” are renewing their efforts in pursuit of a more traditional cause: Getting voters to the polls on April 19.

For Lenchner and many of his peers, the Sanders candidacy represents a logical extension — and validation — of the original movement.

“Thousands across the state were already organizing, they had been for months,” said Robert Becker, the Sanders campaign’s deputy national field director, during an interview in their Brooklyn office, an open room on a block of warehouses in a hip part of the borough. “A lot of these different ‘for Bernie’ groups had been in existence since the day he got in the race.”

This utopian and extreme ideology that the Democrats have embraced has a proven record of failure, and would surely fail in a country as large and diverse as the United States. As large segments of liberals diverge further left worshipping a failed ideology, the Democratic Party is left deeply divided between extremism and pragmatism. Rothenberg’s column speaks to this very point:

The question is whether most Democrats still agree with Schumer’s 2006 comments, or whether they are now more comfortable with the views of left-wing intellectuals Michael Parenti, Noam Chomsky, Howard Zinn, Herbert Marcuse and Gabriel Kolko, as Sanders clearly once was and possibly still is.

Sanders bases his promises of prosperity and justice for all on an extreme ideology that has not worked successfully in a country as large and diverse as the United States.

Whatever happens, it’s clear that as liberals continue to move leftward, they will propose even more European-style solutions that grow government, restrict freedom and rob individuals of the American Dream.

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