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AUDIO: Michigan Dem Praises DeVos On Education – She’s “Committed” & “Knowledgable”

In a radio interview with Detroit’s WJR this morning, former Democratic Michigan State Senator Doug Ross, who also ran for Governor and served in the Clinton administration, lauded Betsy DeVos for both her commitment and knowledge on the issue of education:

DOUG ROSS: “But the question comes down to I think qualification and two things, based on my work with her over the years is, number one, she clearly cares about children and their education, and all children. And most interestingly for me, she has a real passion to make sure we deal with the issues facing poor children, regardless of race. That’s not to me an ideological commitment on her part, that’s really a moral passion; she feels a moral commitment to make sure that low income children have equal opportunity. So, her commitment is real and genuine.”

“And secondly, she’s knowledgeable. I mean she worked for some years with Jeb Bush on making sure we have really high internationally competitive performance standards for kids and she constantly is talking to different people in the education field. So she’s both committed to children and their education, and she’s knowledgeable and philosophically very consistent I think with where the Trump administration is. I mean, had Hillary won, she probably wouldn’t have been tapped and she probably wouldn’t have joined, but in a Trump administration, her views seem to reflect the President’s, President-elect’s.” 

“So, my bottom line is, even with some of the differences we have, this is a person who can do the job as Secretary of Education. I do think highly of her.”  

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