Attacks From Democrats Roundly Debunked

Attacks From Democrats Roundly Debunked

August 1, 2018

Democratic attacks against Judge Kavanaugh have been roundly debunked by non-partisan fact-checkers since his nomination was announced by President Trump.

The Washington Post called the attack by liberals that Judge Kavanaugh will be President Trump’s “get-out-of-jail-free” card an “extreme distortion” of the Judge’s writings, giving the charge “Two Pinocchios.”

The New York Times called the criticism of his writings on ObamaCare “Exaggerated.”

Lawfare’s Benjamin Wittes debunked liberal attacks on Judge Kavanaugh for supposedly believing the president is “above the law,” writing that a proper analysis actually leads to opposite conclusion.

The Washington Post gave liberals’ bizarre conspiracy theory on a deal between Trump and Justice Kennedy‚Äôs son “Four Pinocchios,” saying there’s “no evidence” to support it.

Newsweek shot down the Democratic conflation of independent versus special counsels. Legal experts said that “Kavanaugh’s view on independent counsels has nothing to do with special counsels or Mueller’s probe and, in fact, the two types of federal investigations are completely different.”

Politifact rated Senator Bernie Sanders’ claim that Judge Kavanaugh’s interpretation of presidential powers is at “odds with 200 years of Supreme Court precedent” as mostly false

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