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AR2 Applauds the Confirmation Of Kaplan To NLRB; Condemns Democrats Big Labor Interest

This evening, the Senate voted to confirm Marvin Kaplan to serve on the National Labor Relation Board (NLRB). This confirmation comes despite obstructionist Democrats voting in lockstep with their big labor interests that fund their campaigns.

Red-state Democrats were given a choice today: side with big liberal labor or put American families and workers first?
The answer: All ten red-state 2018 Democrats chose to put the left-wing labor groups that fund their campaigns ahead of their states’ workers.
Voters in 2018 need to remember that the following Senators – from states that elected President Trump – made the choice to ignore the will of voters and side with their big labor campaign financiers:
West Virginia: Joe Manchin
North Dakota: Heidi Heitkamp
Montana: Jon Tester
Missouri: Claire McCaskill
Indiana: Joe Donnelly
Ohio: Sherrod Brown
Florida: Bill Nelson
Pennsylvania: Bob Casey
Wisconsin: Tammy Baldwin
Michigan: Debbie Stabenow 
Today’s confirmation vote for Marvin Kaplan is a win for American workers. Those 2018 Senate Democrats who voted against his nomination will deal with the consequences of ignoring the will of voters and the pocketbooks of workers at the ballot box next year.
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