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Ahead Of 2020, Gillibrand Shores Up Union Support With False Attacks On DeVos

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand has not been shy about her obvious national ambitions and has been blatantly trying to curry favor to the far-left by opposing President Trump’s nominees.

In a clear play to earn the backing of a key left-wing constituency, Gillibrand took to the Senate floor this afternoon and criticized Betsy DeVos, who teacher’s unions oppose because she plans to shake up the failing education status quo.

Already, Gillibrand has pocketed over $70,000 from union groups like AFT and NEA because she has defended their agenda that works against the best interests of students and parents.

On top of that, her criticisms of DeVos are dripping with hypocrisy. Gillibrand herself attended a private boarding school and is well-aware of the benefits that more school choice for students can bring.

Now, she wants to give these special interest groups a reason to flood her campaign with even more cash as she preps to run for national office. While she does their bidding, she is directly arguing against creating better opportunities for children to learn.

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