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AG Candidate Teresa Hensley Refuses To Say Whether Hillary Clinton Is Honest & Trustworthy

While Missouri Democrats desperately try to run away from their party’s standard-bearer, Hillary Clinton, it seems that Attorney General candidate Teresa Hensley is averse to even hearing Clinton’s name.

Asked by a Missouri Rising tracker yesterday if Hensley was honest or trustworthy, Hensley ignored the question:

It’s not a surprise that Hensley would walk away from this question because she can’t answer it. Two-thirds of Americans don’t believe Clinton is trustworthy and Democrat candidates for office have had a tough time answering this question in the past.

Earlier this week, a congressional candidate drew raucous laughter when claiming that he thought Clinton was honest while last month, a Senate candidate received widespread criticism for dodging the question three separate times. The above video makes it clear that Hensley is doing her best to avoid falling into the same conundrum.

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