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73% Think Lawmakers Need To Address Tax Reform

A new poll commissioned by the Middle-Class Growth Initiative (MCGI) found widespread support for tax reform with nearly three-quarters of voters indicating that it’s critical for Congress to make it a priority.

On top of that, 59% of Americans support lowering the corporate tax rate when they hear that it will level the playing field for American companies that face foreign competition, including a majority of independents.

Read the full memo with the results here

This is just the latest evidence that shows that the American people desperately want tax relief. A poll from earlier this month in 10 key states won by President Trump in 2016 showed similar results and even Democrats have joined the GOP’s calls in passing tax reform.

While congressional Republicans seem united behind a comprehensive plan to help the middle class through tax relief, these numbers indicate that it’s time for Democrats to get on board as well and work with the other side to get this legislation across the finish line.

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