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3 Strikes Against Chris Koster

As the Cardinals get set to open their season at home today, The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports that Missouri Rising is using the opportunity to point out to their fans the “three strikes” that make Chris Koster unfit to be the next Governor of the state.

Koster has already struck out for the people of Missouri with a record clearly demonstrating unethical behavior, hypocrisy and brazen political opportunism.

Strike one against Koster is an unmistakable lack of ethics that he has displayed as Attorney General. In 2014, was roundly criticized following a “stinging report” from The New York Times that detailed how he doled out political favors after lobbyists and companies filled his campaign coffers, showing that he has no core and is just bought and paid for by those who fund his political activities.  

Strike two is the sheer hypocrisy Koster has shown throughout his career in elected office. On Medicaid, he previously voted to cut it is Missouri but now he supports expanded Medicaid as part of his plan to grow government as a whole. He also had previously expressed concern about campaign contributions that are too large, but then he turned around weeks later and took in $1 million in donations, mostly from big labor special interests. Left-wing labor groups are bankrolling Koster’s campaign so that he will oppose common sense Right to Work reforms that are vital to Missouri’s economic future.

And strike three is the shameless political opportunism that is emblematic of who Chris Koster really is. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch has called him a “pandering, political opportunist with a capital O,” and the Kansas City Star noted that his activities as Attorney General could be construed as “blatantly opportunistic.” Koster also switched parties in 2007 and many concluded that the sole reason he did this was so that he could have an easier path to the AG office’s and advance his political career.

These three strikes are important for Cardinals’ fans and all Missourians to understand about the real Chris Koster. His lack of ethics, obvious hypocrisy and blatant opportunism are all reasons why voters have to tell him “he’s out” in November.

Go Cards! Beat the Brewers!

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