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290,000 Jobs On The Ballot In November

This fall, voters in four states will be going to the polls and voting on minimum wage hikes that threaten jobs of 290,000 individuals across these four states.

A new study from American Action Forum found that if these minimum wage hikes pass in Maine, Colorado, Arizona and Washington, 290,000 Americans in these states will find themselves out of work because of these increases:

Using the official employment projections from each state’s labor department as a baseline, this comes out to losses of 89,733 jobs in Arizona, 73,001 jobs in Colorado, 27,982 jobs in Maine, and 99,066 jobs in Washington. Employment in these states combined would be 2.6 percent lower than under current law, translating to a loss of 289,782 jobs.

While this may seem like just another statistic, it actually represents people’s livelihoods. If 290,000 individuals across these four states suddenly find themselves out of work, it will further slow economic growth and make it even more difficult for these particular families to make ends meet. Voters in these four states need to reject these minimum wage increases when they vote in 11 days so that jobs for the people that need them most are protected.



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