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2020 Democrats Look to Fund Progressive Policies by Reversing Tax Cuts

Democratic presidential hopefuls look to fund big government spending programs by undoing the 2017 Trump tax cuts.

CNBC: “Various other Democratic candidates including Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts and Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont want to roll back the GOP tax cuts and implement new taxes on the wealthy to fund social programs such as universal child care and ‘Medicare for All.”

However, these progressive programs come with hefty price tags and no candidate has come forward with a plan on how to pay for their proposals. As the Washington Post notes:

“The lack of clarity over how to finance these plans has fueled a debate among economists and policymakers, with conservatives and even some Democrats saying they require middle-class tax hikes that will prove hurtful for economic growth and the party’s political fortunes.”

These far-left ideas may help these White House contenders in the Democratic primary, but implementing their polices will inevitably harm middle-class voters.

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