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$1,182: House Tax Plan Savings For Average American Family Of Four

The new tax reform plan released by House Republicans this morning will give American middle class families a massive tax cut. In fact, according to the House Ways & Means Committee, the propsal will give the average middle-class family of four a $1,182 tax cut, providing a much-needed break to hard-working Americans:

“The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act is a bold, pro-growth bill that will overhaul our nation’s tax code for the first time since President Reagan’s historic tax reform 31 years ago. With this bill, a typical middle-income family of four, earning $59,000 (the median household income), will receive a $1,182 tax cut.”

The details of the plan released this morning expose Democrats’ false claims that the plan would raise taxes on middle class families. Polls indicate broad support from the American public, as this tax plan will provide relief to many middle class Americans.

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