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Reckless Ossoff Puts Dangerous Iran Deal Before Georgia

During his run for Congress, Jon Ossoff has brazenly stood with the far-left wing of his party, embracing the extreme ideas of Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren that are out-of-step with Georgia’s values.   

One of the most troubling stances Ossoff has taken is his full-fledged embrace of the dangerous Iran Nuclear Deal that even gives Democrats pause. The anti-Israel PAC J Street notes that Ossoff “is a supporter of the Iran deal and will oppose efforts in Congress to undermine or obstruct its implementation.”

As has been previously detailed, the Iran Deal has been slammed by Democrats who admit that it does nothing to dismantle Iran’s nuclear ambitions and provides them with cash to continue funding terrorist activity across the globe.

9.9.15 The Iran Primer by AR Squared on Scribd

Georgia shouldn’t replace Tom Price with someone that will lie down to Iran and allow them to remain on the fast track to nuclear capabilities. Ossoff is clearly on the wrong side of this issue and Georgians need to oppose him so this disastrous nuclear deal doesn’t get another ally in Congress.



photo: CNN

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