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Ossoff Would Stand With Nutty Enviros, Against GA Jobs

As voters in Georgia’s 6th congressional district vote for a new congressman, one person that won’t be voting is Dem candidate Jon Ossoff because he doesn’t even live in the district.

That’s not the only way Ossoff doesn’t stand with the people of GA-06. Instead of standing up for more jobs and opportunities for Georgians, he chooses to side with looney environmentalists that want to destroy jobs with costly and unnecessary regulations.

Ossoff said he was “honored to be endorsed by the League Of Conservation Voters, one of the leading groups on the left that supports extreme job-killing ideas like a tax on carbon.

Georgia’s 6th District needs a representative that will follow in Tom Price’s footsteps, working to make government smaller and not impeding economic growth or job creation.

It’s clear that’s not how Jon Ossoff operates. Instead of fighting for the best interest of the people he seeks to represent, he’d much rather ally with far-left special interest groups that want to attack America’s thriving private sector.



photo: Marietta Daily Journal

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