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AR2's communications team is among the most aggressive in Washington, DC, advancing conservative policies and pushing back on liberals by engaging a wide range of press outlets in the conservative and mainstream media across the nation on every platform - print, digital, TV, radio, etc. Below are some examples of our rapid response and communications operation having a significant impact on the current public policy debate

In The News

Activists Call for End to Gridlock in Judicial Appointments

Washington Free Beacon | 9/7/17

“Early in his career, Justice Stras worked as a law clerk for Justice Thomas, one of the Supreme Court’s most conservative members. Justice Stras has described Justice Thomas as a mentor,” Franken said in a release. “I am concerned that a nominee nurtured by such an ideology would likely seek to impose it on the litigants before him.”

Jeremy Adler, a spokesman for America Rising Squared, said that Franken’s opposition rang of hypocrisy in light of his past statements saying that “highly qualified people” should be confirmed to federal judicial posts without delay. Stras, like Barrett and Larsen, also received a “well qualified” rating from the ABA.

“For someone who slammed ‘procedural tactics’ [for] obstructing ‘highly qualified people’ from serving on the federal bench, Al Franken should be ashamed of his hypocrisy,” Adler said in a statement. “Unfortunately, Sen. Franken prioritizes the interests of activist liberals above advancing the nomination of a qualified Minnesotan.”

Lawmaker, Consumer Chief Spar Over ‘Political Ambitions’

The Associated Press | 8/30/17

Hensarling and the conservative advocacy group America Rising Squared have both sought reviews of whether Cordray has violated the Hatch Act, which prohibits federal employees from politicking while on duty. The allegations have not resulted in any findings.

Cordray served as Ohio’s treasurer from 2007-2009 and as its attorney general from 2009-2011. He lost a re-election campaign to the state’s current attorney general, former Republican Sen. Mike DeWine, by less than 2 percentage points in a year when most other statewide Democratic candidates did much worse. Obama appointed him to lead the consumer agency in 2011.

Ohio Politics Roundup

The Cleveland Plain-Dealer | 8/25/17

The video clip — and the Paul Ryan/Tim Ryan joke –was shared with reporters Thursday by America Rising, a pro-Republican Super PAC with ties to former presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

Union Federation Claims Right-to-Work Has Racist History

Inside Sources | 8/21/17

Those in support of right-to-work laws argue the claim is outright ludicrous. Supporters have long argued the policy is about enhancing worker freedom by giving them a choice of whether they want to be in a union. The law doesn’t actually prevent people of any race from joining a union if they so choose.

“Ludicrous claims from left-wing, looney labor show that they’ve really lost grip with reality,” Nathan Brand, press secretary for the conservative nonprofit America Rising Squared, told InsideSources. “Right-to-work laws across the country have helped American workers achieve more freedom and to make absurd claims like this just reveals how desperate they are to keep power in the hands of Big Labor bosses.”

GOP Governors Question Whether Consumer Chief Violated Hatch Act

The Hill | 8/21/17

The conservative group America Rising Squared filed a formal complaint with the Office of the Special Counsel (OSC) last week against Cordray calling for a investigation into his alleged Hatch Act violations.

“For Richard Cordray to use his perch at the CFPB to plot a run for Governor violates his pledge to taxpayers and proves that the only thing he cares about is advancing his political career,” Brian Rogers, the group’s executive director said in a statement.

“We hope the Office of Special Counsel takes this complaint seriously and conducts a full investigation to determine the extent to which the CFPB Director violated the Hatch Act in order to coordinate his early campaign activities.”

America Rising Accuses Cordray of Violating Hatch Act

National Journal | 8/17/17

“America Rising Squared (AR2) filed a formal Hatch Act complaint with the Office of Special Counsel today, asking them to investigate possible violations by” Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Director Richard Cordray (D) “as he considers running for governor of Ohio.”

GOP Group Accuses CFPB Director Richard Cordray Of Hatch Act Violation

Washington Examiner | 8/16/17

A Republican-aligned opposition research group is set to accuse Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Director Richard Cordray of violating the Hatch Act by positioning himself for a run for governor of Ohio while in office.

America Rising Squared was expected to file a complaint with the Office of Special Counsel on Wednesday based on the rampant speculation that Cordray will leave office shortly to return to his home state to run as a Democrat.

The complaint will be the latest in a long line of GOP efforts to harass and diminish Cordray, who has run the consumer bureau since its beginning.

Emails: Seattle Mayor Colluded With Liberal Professor To Create One-Sided Minimum Wage Study

Red Alert Politics | 7/27/2017

Conservatives were not shocked that economic laws still apply to the labor market.

“These smoking gun emails prove that the Mayor’s office knew the UW study would reveal that Seattle’s minimum wage increase has cost workers up to $1,500 a year so they colluded with left-wing allies at Berkeley to promote misinformation,” America Rising Squared spokesperson Jeremy Adler told Red Alert Politics.

“While liberals try to push fake narratives, the facts don’t lie and the facts show that these minimum wage hikes have negative side-effects that curtail workers’ hours and cost them money.”

Trump’s Labor Board Nominees On The Cusp Of Confirmation After Committee Vote

The Daily Caller | 7/19/2019

Warren also slammed Emanuel for spending decades at Littler Mendelson and other law firms that she characterized as some of the most notorious union-busting firms around. After the hearing, Warren took to Twitter to further air her grievances.

“Appeasing Big Labor is clearly a higher priority for Sen. Warren than supporting individuals who are committed to spurring job creation and helping Americans get back to work,” Jeremy Adler, communications director with the Republican firm America Rising Squared, told The Daily Caller News Foundation. “Much to her chagrin, these nominees will reform the NLRB so that it no longer stands in the way of growth and opportunity for workers across the country.”

A Whirlwind Week for the Fight for $15

Inside Sources | 7/6/2017

Study Emboldened Critics

The University of Washington study, at the very least, has likely emboldened critics. Jeremy Adler, communications director for the conservative nonprofit America Rising Squared, sees the past week as reinforcing the concerns critics have been expressing.

“The past week’s developments have crystallized the fatal flaw with the so-called ‘Fight For $15,’” Adler said in a statement provided to InsideSources. “Their SEIU-funded effort is centered around the idea of helping workers, but as the ‘very credible’ U-Washington study showed, their push has actually hurt workers.”

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