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AR2's communications team is among the most aggressive in Washington, DC, advancing conservative policies and pushing back on liberals by engaging a wide range of press outlets in the conservative and mainstream media across the nation on every platform - print, digital, TV, radio, etc. Below are some examples of our rapid response and communications operation having a significant impact on the current public policy debate

In The News

Fight For $15 Marches On McDonald’s Ahead Of Annual Shareholders Meeting

InsideSources | 5/23/2017

The Fight for $15 movement is primarily supported by labor unions like the Service Employees International Union (SEIU). Some critics have contested the movement isn’t grassroots but rather a ploy by unions to recruit. The Center for Union Facts released a report Monday which found the union spent over $19 million on the Fight for $15 last year.

“Today’s protests were organized by out-of-touch left-wingers who are upset that their disastrous policy proposals continue to go nowhere,” Jeremy Adler, communications director for the conservative nonprofit America Rising Squared, told InsideSources. “SEIU is funding this effort, not out of an interest in helping workers, but only so they can try to acquire more dues-paying members, and waste their hard-earned money on rejected political activities.”

Trump’s EPA Lifts Obama-Era Legal Block Of US’ Largest Copper Mine

The Daily Caller | 5/12/2017

Pebble supporters championed Pruitt’s move. Nathan Brand, a spokesman for Republican group America Rising, told The Daily Caller News Foundation Trump’s move shows the White House is intent on fighting for “American workers.”

“Today’s Pebble agreement shows that this new Administration is fulfilling their promise to roll back EPA overreach and return the power to the states,” he added.

Here Comes The Next Democratic Push In The Fight for 15

Hot Air | 4/24/2017

The Fight for 15 is back and Democrats in Congress are getting ready to start a fresh push for a massive national minimum wage hike. AR Squared has the details of who is behind this new brainstorm.

Bernie And Friends To Reintroduce National $15 Minimum Wage

InsideSources | 4/24/2017

Those opposed to the increase warn it will actually hurt the poor by reducing employment opportunities. Employers could be forced to reduce their staff or increase prices to overcome the added cost of labor. Some critics have even expressed concern that the movement backers have alternative motives.

“This is a good idea for helping line the pockets of big labor bosses, but it’s a terrible burden on workers across the country,” America Rising Squared Communications Director Jeremy Adler told InsideSources. “Even though millions would lose their jobs and have their hours slashed, this group of unabashed left-wingers would rather appease the unions that funnel money into their campaign accounts, instead of working on common-sense policies to create jobs and expand economic opportunity to more Americans.”

America Rising is a nonprofit research group that promotes conservative policies. It has been highly critical of efforts to increase the minimum wage.

National Conservative Group Targets Gov. John Bel Edwards’ Tax Proposals

Baton Rogue Advocate | 4/24/2017

America Rising Squared, an affiliated entity of the conservative America Rising political action committee, is launching a digital campaign against Edwards’s plan. It’s at least the third ad campaign prompted by Edwards’ push to overhaul taxes to prop up the state’s budget.

In the newest 30-second ad, America Rising uses clips from local media reports on the potential impact of the tax, concluding “Edwards’ Tax Hikes: Wrong for Louisiana.”

“The only bipartisanship Gov.Edwards has brought to Baton Rouge is united opposition to his horrible tax plan,” said Nathan Brand of America Rising. “Louisiana families and businesses need a growing economy, not Edwards’ liberal tax and spend agenda.”

America Rising has identified Edwards, a Democrat, as a target as he mounts his re-election bid.

Greens Take Climate Fight To GOP Town Halls

The Hill | 4/21/2017

The GOP, though, has largely been dismissive of the town hall protests, saying there’s big money behind them and the activists don’t represent their constituents.

“The environmentalist left spent hundreds of millions of dollars trying and failing to beat President Trump last year, so it’s no surprise to see them doing everything they can to oppose him,” said Jeremy Adler, spokesman for America Rising Squared.

“The reality is that the new administration’s message of protecting the environment while working toward a new era in American energy innovation resonates strongly with the American public, while their alarmist extremism just doesn’t.”

Hurting The Most Vulnerable With Minimum-Wage Hikes

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review | 4/19/2017

The Daily Caller also says the study projects that “D.C. residents will absorb 80 percent of the job losses” — but “nearly two-thirds of the pay increases will benefit non-D.C. residents who work in the District, but live elsewhere.”

“This study proves what we’ve known all along,” says Jeremy Adler, communications director for conservative policy group America Rising Squared — that minimum-wage hikes “will hurt the most vulnerable in the District, costing them jobs and important economic opportunities.”

Can Sherrod Brown Make Democrats Working Class Again?

BuzzFeed | 4/18/2017

Hired by America Rising, a Republican PAC, to document Sen. Sherrod Brown’s every move, the tracker has become an unwelcome but familiar part of of the two-term senator’s retinue.

A standard part of American politics, trackers shadow candidates relentlessly, documenting their every official move on video in hopes of catching them in a gaffe or politically compromising position. The tracker’s presence is a clear sign that Brown has a target on his back.

Republicans will tell anyone who’ll listen that he is one of their top targets for 2018, when thanks to a brutal electoral map for Democrats, the GOP could win enough Senate seats to give President Trump a filibuster-proof majority. “Brown is even further left than Hillary Clinton, who lost the state by eight points — he’ll suffer the same fate if he continues to champion the failed far-left policies that Ohio has already rejected,” America Rising spokesperson Nathan Brand said.

US Sen. Elizabeth Warren Questions President Donald Trump’s Military Strategy After ‘Mother of All Bombs’ Strike

Springfield Republican | 4/14/17

Jeremy Adler, a spokesman for America Rising Squared — an arm of the Republican super-PAC, America Rising — however, said the senator’s comments “reveal her blind opposition to anything President Trump does, even if it means opposing a strike that took out some 36 ISIS fighters.”

“For once, it’d be nice if Elizabeth Warren checked politics at the door and credited this administration for their smart, tactical decision to bring the fight to America’s enemies,” he said in a statement.

4 Lessons Conservatives Should Learn From Getting Gorsuch Through

Daily Signal | 4/7/2017

Sen. Mike Lee, R-Utah, who serves on the Senate Judiciary Committee, said in an interview that Gorsuch’s experience was a significant ingredient to the successful confirmation process.

“I think it all starts with a good nominee,” Lee said. “I think it’s a really helpful ingredient. This nominee was really good at answering questions and talking about the role of the judge.”

Jeremy Adler is communications director of the conservative nonprofit America Rising Squared, or AR2, which worked with Gorsuch’s team to ensure his confirmation. The judge’s qualifications were a significant aid to conservatives in ensuring a smooth confirmation process, Adler said.

“The person that the president chose is so beyond reproach, and that made all of our jobs much easier,” Adler said.

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