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FACT CHECK: Left-Wing Activists Desperate To Save ObamaCare Will Smear Dr. Tom Price At Any Cost

Liberals have gone after Dr. Tom Price with a slew of false attacks that have been perpetuated by the media in an attempt to scuttle his health care reform efforts. In the below doc, four examples of the misinformation they have pushed are highlighted with evidence that show how their attacks simply are not accurate:

  1. Immediately After His Nomination, New York Magazine Previewed The Coming Character Attacks

2. Democrats Push Incorrect Facts About Zimmer Biomet, Who Opposed Legislation Dr. Price Supported

3. Media Leaps To False Conclusions About Innate Immuno; Dr. Price Didn’t Actively Support Supposed Legislation And Neither Did Company

4. Fake News On Dr. Price’s Puerto Rico Record; His Legislation Would Have Helped His Constituents, Not Himself

02.08.17 Four Examples of the Liberal Character Assassination of Dr. Tom Price by AR Squared on Scribd

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