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FACT CHECK: Dem Attacks On Tom Price’s Medicare Record Have No Merit

When Democrats are challenged about their big government and failed health care plans, they resort to their tried-and-true “MediScare” tactics and that is exactly what they are doing with their attacks on Dr. Tom Price today.

Even PolitiFact ruled that Democrats claims that Dr. Price supports “phasing out Medicare” were FALSE:

“Price favors an overhaul of Medicare, but the phrase “phase out” is too strong and gives readers the specific impression Medicare won’t exist under Price. Medicare will exist, and Price’s preferred plan for its future is laid out in detail in the 2017 Fiscal Year Budget Resolution…We rate this claim False.”

On top of that, according the The Washington Times, Dr. Price testified that he “is not planning an overhaul of Medicare in the early going under Mr. Trump, contradicting Democrats who predicted an effort to gut the health program for senior citizens.”

Now as Dr. Price is on the cusp of being confirmed, Senate Democrats are going to launch every false attack they have at him. That includes distorting his position on Medicare and their claims should be immediately dismissed because they are not true and only misinform the American people.


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